Interactive Web Agency


GSX Design provides multimedia solutions and brand developments for small businesses to increase their exposure and improve their public relations through the Internet using custom web applications, website development and ecommerce online stores. We develop, maintain and upgrade our work.

Easy to Use:

When we design a new website for a client we are actually building a custom content management system for them to manage the site. Our Content management System (CMS) has a user friendly management interface which allows the site owner full control over the website content. No more calls or e-mail exchanges with the web developer just to change a picture or to adjust hours of operation; The complete site, from design to images and text is easily editable by the administrator. Pages may be added or deleted and images and documents are manageable.

Future Growth:

Our system is built in a way that we can add additional plug-ins and applications (such as adding a chat or ticket system) as your business develops and its requirements grow. This will eliminate the need for a redesign of your site and the expense of re-doing it. 

Open Standards:

Here at GSX design we are big advocates of Open Source and Open Standard technologies. By utilizing well developed community driven applications we ensure that the final code for your application is updated with respect to security and industry standards. This gives the site owner the freedom to choose who to work with as he may choose from hundreds of developers which are familiar with the system as opposed to a proprietary system where he would be tied to the original developer for the lifetime of the application.